Welcome to Shanghai Songcheng, located at the Expo site besides Huangpu River, the most innovative and new live Performance Park that goes beyond imagination! The large-scale interactive experience projects "The War Fire", "The Earthquake", "Ghost Ship", "Liaozhai Haunted House", "Storm Eye", Sky Film, etc., are thrilling and inspiring! Wandering in the Time Travel Street, Magic Street, Sky Street, and Romance Street where we will take you to a place far-far away. Every step is like a magical experience as you visit our Music Square, Color Forest, Sky City, Glass Platform, and Rattan Bridge, etc. There are more than 20 theaters and performance venues including Grand Theater, Bird Show Theater, Forest Theater, Cliff Theater, etc. Our enormous shows take place every day and we party every week, rain or shine, at Shanghai Songcheng!

The Romantic Show of Shanghai is a Must-see Show in a Lifetime. Our production utilizes leading edge stage technology to tell the epic stories of this city, its history and its people. Be prepared for an experience that will dazzle and awe. How is it possible you might find yourself at the bottom of the ocean in an instant or witness a train pull into the station before you? Watch what may fall from the sky or the sight of tons of Huangpu River water roaring towards you! Our theatrical experience of this magical city is a feast for the eyes!

The Park also launched 4 personalized shows suitable for different groups of people and with different styles. Hundreds of actors from more than ten countries will perform together. There is always one that suits you. Come on, we dare you! Let us show you some color in our High Show- Color. A show like no other, you’ll wonder is it Carnival, Punk or totally Immersive? Come and enjoy our high-tech family production we bring to stage of WA! Dinosaurs. Children will be enthralled when both art and science come alive on stage. Dinner Show “Samba Passion” (Burn the Floor), a grand South American “dancing” meal! Sensuous S Show, Glorious shadow of dreaming beauty!

In addition, there is Songcheng Downtown, an open art district with multiple variable spaces and performing arts square that can accommodate tens of thousands of people. It is a comprehensive art exhibition platform!

Shanghai Songcheng, stage your life!

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